Join Fleets | A How To for Star Trek Online

    Join Fleets in Star Trek Online

( A short "How To!" )


We understand it can be a bit confusing, trying to join fleets that are suitable to your play style etc. Below we put together some basic steps in order to help new and existing players.

Keep in mind many Fleets have rules and regulations put in place in order for every member to have equal opportunity. In some cases the rules themselves can be confusing. in regards to donating "Fleet Marks", "Dilithium" and "EC" ( energy credits ).

Starfleet Strategic Command has a requirement for all NEW members to obtain a minimum of 150,000 Fleet Credit before being promoted to a higher rank. Further promotions are based on how the NEW members play, i.e - joining Team Events, STF's and general respect for other members.

Star Trek Online


Searching for a Fleet is easy, the hard part is finding a Fleet that suites you the best.

STO Fleet Invite

Fleet Invite

This is an example of what you will see while flying through Sector Space and/or sitting in SOL system when someone is inviting you to a Fleet

Find Fleet STO

Finding a Fleet

Choosing the right Fleet can be difficult, you can select many Fleets just by searching through the Social Tab!

Joining Online Groups

The Star Trek Online community is very helpful when it comes to NEW members. One area to explore is Facebook fan pages, Star Trek Online has many groups ready to give anyone the boost they need to have a good experience.

SSC Facebook Group

Any player is welcome to join our fleet, in addition you will have access to the forum, youtube, and website. Be sure to private message any SSC member and they will be happy to give you any information about the Fleet.

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