SSC Fleet Holdings

Our Starbase!

The following is a short overview of our Fleet Holdings available throughout the Fleet. We have yet to accept any Fleet Armadas, and will keep this rule until further notice. SSC does however accept requests inquiring to join our Armada for future consideration. Any Fleet wanting to join our Armada is required to send a formal request using our Contact instructions located in the menu.

Fleet Starbase

Military Provisions

  • Military Buff:                              1,309
  • Military Fleet Ship :                   1,105
  • Military Operational Asset:       1,282

Engineering Provisions

  • Buff:                                                521
  • Operational Asset:                         599
  • Personal Requisition:                   1,521

Science Provisions

  • Buff:                                              431
  • Operational Assets :                    367
  • Personal Requisition:                 3,707

Starfleet Strategic Command

Our members have worked very hard to achieve the amount of holdings to date. The Fleet takes pride in providing a good gaming experience for everyone in the Fleet and to the New players wanting to join our ranks. This page is a symbol of the commitment that the members of Starfleet Strategic Command, and how we take great pride in this Fleet.


Fleet Spire



  • Research:                         423
  • Operations:                      690
SSC K-13 Starbase



  • Retrofit:                           38
  • Xenotech:                        52
SSC Research Lab

Research Lab


  • Research Personal:             706
  • Development Personal:     756


We will try to keep the page updated with the exact number of provisions, allow up to 2 weeks for any revisions. Feel free to notify any JCOS and/or Admiral if there is a correction that is needed to be made, you can find how to reach us in game or through email by following this LINK. Also, do not hesitate if you or any member would like to see additional information on this site.

Starfleet Dilithium Mine

Dilithium Mine


  • Trade:                         937
  • Development:           1,106
SSC Embassy



  • Operational Asset:          1,220
  • Personal Consumable:   4,498
  • Personal Requisition:       762
  • Recruitment Personal:   1,014

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