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What Is Strategic Command All About?

Strategic Command is a computer game with many iterations. It has been out since 2002 with the release of Strategic Command. The latest version is called Strategic Command WWI The Great war. That came out in 2010 and since there hasn’t been another release as of this time.

In this game, you are playing against an opponent and you each have a turn. Which is called a turn-based strategy game, and it is because you have to think ahead of your turn. In the campaign mode, you can be the Allied or Axis states. For most of the game you’ll be commanding your units to try and take over the other team by force or by researching into diplomatic relations. You also have to grow technology on your side so you can defend yourself and attack if needed.

The first game that was released on 2002 took place on what is known as a hex map. One hexagon was meant to represent 50 miles of terrain. There were 6 campaigns to play through but they all were on the same exact map as all the other campaigns. The difference between levels was that they took place during different times of different wars. You could also play campaigns that other people made, making this game have way more replay-ability if you went that route. You could even find tools to do the map work yourself to get even more out of the game.

In 2006 Strategic Command 2, Blitzkrieg was released,

This time the game was divided into tiles and it focused on the Europeans’ role in WWII. There were campaigns that were once again focused on one map but with different time periods depending on the campaign you were playing.  This game lets you use a map of the whole world so there are a lot more campaigns and possibilities to work with.

Strategic Command is a turned based strategy game that cover different wars. They are a great option if you want a game that makes you think. It’s the type of game where you have to really do your best to pay attention to what’s going on or you’ll miss something and lose.

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