Donate Star Trek Officers

Donate Common Duty Officers to Fleet Projects


Below are recommended ways to Donate Common Duty Officers to your Fleet Projects,


  1. Be sure to have room in your roster
  2. Buy a fleet credit boost from the exchange, most popular is the 35K.                                                                                           
  3. Go to your Fleet Starbase, in the room with the bank and mail is a Duty Officer vendor. The common duty officers are the cheapest in terms of Fleet credits while giving you a mix of specialties, i.e.- security, science, civilian and engineering. If Fleet projects cycled more quickly, there is ample opportunity to donate the leftovers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Duty Officer Pic

Donate these new Duty Officers ( Doffs ) to Fleet Projects. Keep in mind you will loose a small amount of Fleet Credit with every Duty Officer that is donated. But with the aforementioned steps; buy a Fleet credit Boost, and buy the cheapest Duty Officers to donate, the net lose is minimal. Project frequency increases which allows more opportunities to donate XP, EC, Marks etc., it is a very rewarding investment.

  1. SSC Fleet Starbase                                                                                        SSC KDF Starbase

Below is a how to video, with Drat from Starfleet Strategic Command, as he goes through several steps on how to donate duty officers to Fleet projects. Be sure to leave your comments and positive feedback if you have any suggestions for any future videos!

Drat's Star Trek Online handle: Drat@DratRampage

Any questions about this or any requests, follow this link to find more members of Starfleet Strategic Command!


See you in-game!

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