Welcome to the Original SSC

We have a very active Fleet that welcomes all play styles and ranks. We are currently recruiting and have many members ready to accept any player wanting to join our Fleet. We enjoy playing Star Trek Online, and have many great moments with our many active members. We offer TeamSpeak and room for advancement. Keep an eye out for our members which you can find some of their gamer handles here. SSC Original!



Starfleet Strategic command

SSC has a wide range of resources to accommodate our members and Newcomers! Our Level 5 Starbase along with our other Holdings, are equipped with many provisions to help with any Fleet purchases etc. Just an FYI, we do ask our New members (Redshirts) to donate 150,000 credits to the Holdings before being promoted to Lieutenant. Afterwards the promotions are given to players that show an interest in excelling within the Fleet!

SSC original

We are the Original Starfleet Strategic Command, established July 2, 2010. You may have seen other Fleets with similar Names/Initials, we are not them! We take Great Pride in our STO Fleet and do expect our existing and new members to do the same. In the near future the SSC will be providing videos of our members in PvP, STF's and just having fun. We are looking for mature, respectful and courteous players that are wanting to join our ranks.

K-13 Progress





The SSC has unlocked Tier 3!!. There is an initial tour of the facility provided by the Chairman of the JCOS Sugi2K. This Post will be updated every few weeks, also new videos will be posted soon with an updated walk-through. We have completed the Tier 3 Retrofit which happened quickly with the help of many members. Keep up the Great Work! 



        Click here for the current walk through!


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