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Welcome to our Fleet Website, Starfleet Strategic Command!

Home of the Original SSC.

Star Trek Online Fleet

We are an active Star Trek Online Fleet and are always accepting new members to join our ranks!

Our members are ready and willing to accept all play styles such as, Role Play, D.P.S. Builds and just wanting to hang out and blow stuff up! Private Message anyone of our members and they will be happy to accept .

Here are some of the Player's to look out for:

  • @Chodak
  • @Sugi2K
  • @Nivek_Matt
  • @Gravtron
  • @drawnmallard
  • @DratRampage
  • @lonespiff
  • @Janeway84
Strategic Command Starbase

Starfleet Strategic Command

New intro video

New intro video for our YouTube Channel is finally complete, remember to subscribe by following the YouTube link at the top of this home page. we would like to hear your feedback and more ideas for future videos. See you in game!

Introduction to PVP


We will be providing a more in depth review on certain PvP/STF builds in the future. Below is a guide to start out with and is a great tool for New Comers to PvP. It takes a lot of confusion out of PvP in regards to power ups etc.

Please note that although this guide can still serve as a starting point and provide you with basic ideas and concepts, the recommendations regarding the choice of ships, gear, reputation traits and duty officers are not up-to-date anymore because there have been significant additions to the game since this guide was written. This guide is a great starter point in taking the confusion out of PVP.  www.hilbertguide.com

star trek online

Starfleet Strategic Command is switching from our existing site.

While this site is under construction, Starfleet Strategic Command Star Trek Online Fleet website will remain operational. To join the Fleet please follow the *Contact Us tab above for more information or through Private Message in Star Trek Online. If you would like to join our SSC Forum, please register from the SSC Forum page. We look forward to seeing you in-game!




Sign up for our new Fleet Discord Channel!

Follow the link to sign up!

We will be changing over to Discord and shutting TeamSpeak down. TeamSpeak will remain operational until October/2017, this should be enough time for everyone to switch over to Discord. The link is also pinned to our Facebook Page: Starfleet Strategic Command.

Discord Server Link at the top of the page! 

Star Trek JCOS

Admiralty Renewals!

Admiral Reports are under review!

We have started a brand new year and are looking forward to a busy year ahead. Most if not all of the Admiral reports have been received and are under review. The new Admiral positions will be updated when all reports have been approved. The Admiral and Captain ranks within the Fleet which I refer to as our Commissioned Officers, are members who are actively taking on a role in managing the Fleet. Thank you to all of you who have helped out last year. I look forward to seeing you on Star Trek Online!

Chairman of the JCOS.



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