The Original SSC

Greetings, Officer,

Welcome to Starfleet Strategic Command (SSC), one of the prestigious Fleets within the Star Trek Online universe! Your decision to join us marks the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling journey where exploration, strategy, and teamwork form the core of our mission.

At SSC, we’re not just a fleet; we’re a community bound by the shared values and ideals of the Federation. Whether you’re a battle-hardened Admiral or a fresh Ensign eager to prove your worth, you’ll find a place among friends, mentors, and fellow explorers here.

What Awaits You:

1. Strategic Operations: From coordinated fleet maneuvers to large-scale engagements, SSC offers a diverse range of missions that will challenge your tactical abilities.

2. Advanced Technologies: Contribute to groundbreaking research projects, gain access to top-of-the-line ships, and utilize cutting-edge technologies to give you the edge in both space and ground combat.

3. Community Engagement: Join in on regular events, participate in lively discussions, and engage with fellow officers who share your passion for Star Trek.

4. Leadership Opportunities: Demonstrate your leadership, creativity, and strategic thinking, and you could find yourself ascending the ranks, taking command, and shaping the future of the SSC.

How to Get Started:

Upon your arrival, please report to the SSC’s central hub to familiarize yourself with our fleet’s structure, regulations, and available missions. Our officers will be on hand to guide you through the initial orientation and answer any questions you may have.

Whether your passion lies in exploration, combat, diplomacy, or science, we believe in fostering your unique skills and interests. Your contributions, big or small, will help us uphold the principles of peace, knowledge, and progress that define the Federation.

Remember, Officer, in the Starfleet Strategic Command, you are part of something bigger – a legacy of exploration, unity, and honor. Together, we will boldly go where no one has gone before.

Welcome to the team, and may you find both challenge and camaraderie in our shared endeavor.

Live long and prosper,

Zohan Mallard – Joint Chiefs of Staff of Starfleet Strategic Command